Intelligent AI-powered software to optimize stacking and packing processes

Easily accessible intelligence for
robotic stacking and packing

Viroteq develops and supplies modular intelligence for On-The-Fly stacking and packaging of objects of different sizes. This allows us to facilitate the use of robotics within the highly variable processes in the logistics industry. Our software uses smart algorithms that make it possible to utilize robots more flexible and efficient for both integrators and end customers.

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Industrial processes within logistics require ever greater flexibility from automation solutions that must be able to deal with seasonal influences and the rapid change of the objects to be processed. As a result, there are often processes in which products of unknown size have to be processed within a short time. Viroteq's systems are able to stack and package these new products within (robotic) automation solutions without prior knowledge. We do this by scanning them with our cameras and determining a smart processing action based on this information On-The-Fly. 


Mixed case palletizing

Looking for options as an integrator and developer of palletizing solutions to offer mixed-case palletizing solutions to customers in addition to offering single SKU solutions? We supply software that can be linked to existing systems in a modular way and that enables mixed-case palletizing.

Combined order packaging

By correctly scanning various (natural) products, the algorithm determines how these products can be carefully packaged without damaging them. Need expertise for packaging objects with different properties? Please contact us.

Online retail

The online retail market continues to grow rapidly and with it the development of robotic processing. Need technical expertise for flexible automation of existing and new packaging processes? We like to think along with solutions that connect seamlessly with existing business processes.

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