Vision AI detection

Know what you see

Knowing what you see is very important to make a decision based on an image or photo. This can be a decision to classify products in different quality categories or to be able to control a (robotic) movement. Contemporary processes demand more and more flexibility from automation solutions, with products and processes that are different every day.

Viroteq AI vision model

Viroteq's AI vision technology makes it possible to clarify the position, dimensions and characteristics of these products in situations with unknown, always varying products. The algorithm can deal with situations of overlapping products of different materials and colours. Depending on the required information, the best camera and algorithm combination is used to determine the required product parameters in detail. This makes Viroteq's AI vision technology powerfull in flexible situations.

Determine gripping positions

For the efficient and error-free robotic movement of packaging and other objects, it is important to have a perfect gripper placement on the product. Viroteq's algorithms use AI and the 3D product parameters of both gripper and robot to determine the optimal pick-up position for each object.

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