Plug-and-Play palletizing software module to increase utilization, efficiency and flexibility of existing and new Single-SKU robotic systems.

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Boosts process flexibility

Stacking multiple single-SKU configuration within the same robotic integration now becomes possible!

finger control

Enables complete control of stacking configurations

Switch within 1 second between stacking patterns and quickly configure new stacking patterns when necessary.


Quick and easy installation

Easy configurable software and clear installation wizards allow for a smooth integration.


Robot model independent

The RobotStackr software works with all major robot brands and models. Curious to see if it works with your chosen robot model?

Would you like to improve your robot system with a new layer of flexibility that perfectly stacks all objects?

The RobotStackr provides an environment where Single-SKU palletizing stacking patterns can be generated, customized and made ready to be used on robotic palletizing systems. Being able to extensively configure and alter on these robotics systems, it is possible to quickly change between generated stacking patterns to improve the flexibility and utilization. The RobotStackr module is completely modular and can be integrated with every robot and gripper model.

Intrested to learn how we can help with improving the flexibility and performance of your palletizing system?

Viroteq Single SKU flexibility

Integrator setup

One centralized control system of robot stacking patterns for systems on different locations.

End-user setup

Better robot utilization, more efficient stacking patterns and improved proces flexibility in one system.

Transform your robot system from a static palletizing solution to an easy configurable flexible system that can handle a higher volume of objects.

List of benefits when using the system:

  • New package dimensions? No problem, with the RobotStackr system you can just simply enter the new dimensions and a new optimized stacking pattern is generated instantly.
  • Do you want to combine multiple end-of-line streams to the same robotic palletizer? The RobotStackr uses smart detection that automaticly detects package dimensions and stacks these packages on the correct pallet.
  • Having a customer request a small stacking pattern change or different pallet size? Within the RobotStackr environment many parameters such as weight distribution, overhang, padding and many more can be optimized and configured to preferences.
  • Do you want to be 100% sure to always stack with the most volumemetric efficient stacking? The Robotstackr calculates and optimizes the optimal stacking pattern with all parameters taken into account.

Optimize stacking parameters:

  • Pallet stability
  • Volumetric efficiency.
  • Package orientation preferences
  • Half-tier sheets
  • Weight distribution
  • Full layer configuration

Remotely adapt and control optimal stacking patterns for new and installed robotic integrations around the globe.

List of benefits when using the system:

  • Quickly configure and generate new stacking patterns for installed robotic systems.
  • Produce new robot-motion coordinates with 1-click button for each new stacking pattern with the robot and gripper model of your choice.
  • Be able to remotely adapt to customer stacking requests or customer process changes.
  • Make use of easy configurable integration setup wizards for fast robotic motion calculations that take the full integration hardware setup into account when calculating motion-paths. 

Optimize stacking parameters:

  • Pallet stability
  • Volumetric efficiency.
  • Package orientation preferences
  • Half-tier sheets
  • Weight distribution
  • Full layer configuration

Works with all robot models:

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