Robotic stacking & packing

Robotic stacking & packing of unknown objects

With an increasing range of product shapes and sizes, stacking and packing products that all differ from each other becomes an increasing difficult puzzle. By using the latest deep-learning and intelligent camera techniques, Viroteq provides solutions for different robotic stacking and packing applications. With our intelligent AI driven core modules we are able to provide the missing information for robotic manupilators to operate in flexibele environments within the logictic, e-commerce and processing industry.

Viroteq RobotStackr

With the Viroteq RobotStackr, it becomes possible to fully automate on-the-fly stacking processes. Our mixed palletizing and container stacking solution consists of a vision system that scans each incomming (unknown) package with 3D cameras and pick and stacks each packages with great precision on the best possible stacking location. The system is carrier agnostic and could stack and pack on pallets, in postal cars, containers, ULD’s and trucks.

The RobotStackr system is able to pick and place cases up to 25kg and is optimized to reach the highest handling capacity that can be reached for each specific dataset taking into account product parameters and limitations.

All information is stored and can be communicated to the WMS and further automation process steps to optimize total stacking and packing productivity.


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One of the most significant benefits of using the RobotStackr for stacking and packing is the increased productivity it provides. Being able to continiously stack and pack mixed cases without the need of pre-defined stacking patterns or human intervention, they can handle a much larger volume of parcels in a shorter amount of time, resulting in a faster and more efficient sorting and packing process that continius 24/7.



Another benefit of using the Robotstackr is the improved accuracy it provides. The system takes into account al user requirements and object constraints, and calculates the perfect handling movement based on this information. This ensures that the right parcels are sorted and packed in the correct order with great precision, reducing the risk of misplacement or damage.



The RobotStackr AI algorithm is capable of learning and adapting to its environment in real-time, without human intervention. As the robot interacts with its environment, it continues to learn and optimize its performance, improving its efficiency and effectiveness.



Through the use of the AI-powered On-The-Fly stacking approach, the robotstackr enables stacking and packing automation to take up less floor space. By taking up less space, logistic processing parties can optimize their use of floor space, reduce material handling costs, and increase their overall productivity of their logistic stacking and packing processes.