Looking for ways to fully automate your stacking process?

The Viroteq RobotStackr is the perfect solution for automating stacking processes. It can palletize mixed and identical cases on-the-fly with high volume efficiency, enabling you to keep pace within the dynamic logistic and e-commerce market.

RobotStackr Top Features



Handles larger volumes of parcels in a shorter time, with improved stacking efficiency



Reduced risk of misplacement or damage



Easy to integrate and able to exchange data with existing systems such as ERP or WMS systems



Physically heavy and repetitive work can be done by the robot

Schematic overview of the Viroteq RobotStackr

StackrBrain Technology

The Viroteq RobotStackr is our all-in-one solution for automating mixed-SKU stacking processes from start to end. The StackrScan system determines the dimensions of incoming boxes, and using our state-of-the-art AI StackrBrain technology, we find the most optimal stacking position for improved volumetric efficiency. The AI model is trained on millions of stacks, enabling it to outperform human stacking ability. Our solution also considers physical constraints, such as the stability of the stack and the feasibility of the robot for reaching the placement position, making it perfectly suitable for deployment in real-world logistics. Read more about our AI technology for stacking mixed-size objects here.

Use Cases

Do you need to stack pallets with boxes of a wide range of sizes? Viroteq’s RobotStackr offers a solution for mixed-SKU stacking to optimize the number of boxes on each pallet whilst considering
complex practical constraints, such as the stability of the stack.

Pallet being stacked with mixed sized objects by a robot

Whether it concerns bins, containers, or ULDs, the Viroteq RobotStackr can take into account carrier limits and shapes to perform optimal packaging actions in every situation. This makes it possible for, for example, 3PL distribution and sorting centers to efficiently carry out the stacking and packaging processes with a range of specifications.

Bin container stacked by robot with mixed sized objects.

We can accommodate a wide range of postal carts of different sizes to meet specific logistics needs, with optimized volume efficiency to maximize your freight capacity. Through stability calculations, we carefully consider the physical constraints of postal carts, ensuring your goods are delivered safely and in pristine condition.

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