launches its latest AI-powered innovation: the RobotStackr!

May 2023

We are delighted and proud to present our latest AI-innovation: the RobotStackr – an industrial AI turn-key solution for robotic stacking and packing of unknown mixed items.  

Built on top of our StackrBrain™ AI-technology; the RobotStackr is able to automatically stack and pack stable mixed sized objects with optimized volumetric efficiency on a reduced footprint. By using this technology, the physically heavy and dull logistic stacking and packing processes are automated while at the same time the logistic transport footprint is reduced.

Due to its new and disruptive AI-powered way of determining stacking and packing configurations, there is no need for large buffers and/or sequencers to optimize mixed case product streams. This makes it possible to embed robotic handling systems on small footprints.

Click here for more information about the RobotStackr: RobotStackr product page